Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Web Portfolio? Our Web Portfolio is a sophisticated, contemporary representation of your resume that's been "web optimized" to market you to executives, hiring authorities and decision makers in today's technology driven, web centric job market.

What are the benefits of a Web Portfolio? There are many benefits to having one of our Web Portfolios not the least of which is providing decision makers and hiring authorities instant access to your resume no matter where they are. Being web based, our impressive portfolios can be viewed on ANY device with a web browser including desktops, laptops, tablets (which are becoming ubiquitous in enterprise), and mobile phones. No need to worry about "Word" documents or pdf files, with one of our Web Portfolios your resume is viewable by virtually anyone anywhere.

How would I use a Web Portfolio in my job search? Our clients have found many ways to leverage their Web Portfolios, from the obvious advantage of being able to send a link to their resume in an email (instead of an attachment the recipient may not be able to open) to using their portfolio address in their email signature. A Web Portfolio is also great to use as your "website" link on LinkedIn so that anyone can click through to a more impressive and in depth representation of your profile and work experience.

What would my Web Portfolio address be? Your Web Portfolio URL would look like this: If you wish to purchase your own domain, of course it would be whatever the domain name is that you picked out, preferably your "name" domain i.e.

How long does it take you to prepare my Web Portfolio? We'll have your portfolio up and ready to use within 5 business days of receiving your information.

Can I change my portfolio theme? We do allow you to change your theme if we add a new theme that you would rather use than the one you originally picked. We allow this because we are constantly adding new themes for our clients to choose from and we want everyone to to be able to switch if they like a "new" theme better than their original one.

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